Racing processing

Race Seats is able to offer a service for the creation of customized seats for amateur and competitive racing use.

Racing seat is the Top of the Race Seats artisan production, years of experience have brought the quality and the characteristics of the materials used to the highest level to cope with every situation on the track.

Race Seats produces seats with customized shape and thickness as well as accessories such as rear pads and tank pads.

Our staff is at your disposal for:

  • replacement of the damaged cover for stock seats with a new one on sample or drawing made of non-slip materials suitable for use on the track
  • replacement of the padding, handcrafted makeover with light sponge on customer specifications
  • thickness modification of the padding with possible modification of the saddle height and covered in High Density Mousse like that used by world-class riders.
  • sponge processing with integrated stopper
Race Seats offers you a wide range of elements to customize the aesthetics and comfort of your seat: from the choice of the upholstery to the customization with decorative elements such as embroidery of the Team logos and riders' names / numbers.
We shape YOUR IDEAS Thanks to our great experience we are able to produce unique prototypes for every type of seat and need. We carry out design and prototyping:
  • padding
  • carbon or fiberglass seat bases
  • complete handmade seats
Only the highest quality materials are used for our work, always at the forefront thanks to the continuous research and development of innovative and technological solutions.
The padding, completely handmade, can be customized both in shape / height and in consistency. Below you will find our best materials available:

  • neopreneNeoprene: semi-hard non-slip material that does not require coverage, 100% water repellent, commonly used for racing saddles.
  • light foamLight rigid sponge: ideal for those who use the bike on the track and for competitions, it is covered with a 3mm layer of neoprene or High Density Mousse
  • HDM: Is the material used by the riders of MOTO GP and MOTO2, this is a cover on light foam saddles with a 5mm layer of high density mousse, ideal for those who use the bike on the track, more grip, less consumption and greater resistance to friction, also excellent in the wet.
  • embossedEMBOSSED the latest high quality material found, ia a rubber-based material that has an embossing surface that gives it a very high anti-slip characteristic. Material used by the most famous worldwide riders in MOTO GP and MOTO 2, covers the light rigid sponge with a 3mm layer.
  • Seat bottom in fiberglass
  • Carbon saddle bottom
There are also several types of materials for the saddle upholstery:



It is a material with a very marked anti-slip characteristic, suitable for those who use the bike on the track avoiding slipping on the saddle, its "perforated" embossing makes this material perfect for those who need a lot of grip even in the worst wet / rain conditions.

AVAILABILITY COLORS: black, red, blue, green

Notes on processing

All processes require variable timing depending on the process itself.

Prices vary according to the material used as well as to individual customer requests.

It is not possible to provide the prices of these processes, the prices are only on quotation based on the customer's requests.

For a detailed quote you can contact us by phone at 334-90.00.518 or by email


Choose the handmade seats from Race Seats and enjoy the best feeling you can have on the bike.

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